New Camper Registration

Thank you for your interest in AMICA . In order for us to ensure that AMICA’s summer program is a good fit for your child, we ask that you complete this online application and submit it along with an IEP and any reports that provide academic, behavioral, and social/emotional functioning along with a $20 nonrefundable registration fee.

Once this information is received you will be contacted by Stephanie DeSouza, so that an interview can be arranged. The interview is critical to the application process and is a must for all new campers. Interviews last approximately 20 to 30 minutes. Reference calls are made as policy to teachers, therapists, or other service providers who can speak knowledgeably about your child’s social functioning, ability to manage transitions, and use behavioral strategies as needed. Unfortunately, AMICA Camp is not an appropriate summer program for children or teens who require one on one supervision, wander off, or who have a tendency towards physical or verbal aggression.

You will be notified within two weeks of the interview regarding your child’s acceptance into the summer program. If accepted, deposits or payment in full may be submitted. Payment will not be accepted until the interview process is complete.

New Camper Application Form

1 Camper Information
2 Parent Contact Information
3 Tell Us About Your Child
4 Upload IEP and Additional Reports
5 Camp Week Selection
6 Application Fee Payment
  • Please list the medications that the camper is currently prescribed and taking. If none, enter N/A.