About Us

Kid-runningAmica Camp gives children with social challenges the many benefits of a traditional summer camp experience and the skills to connect with their peers in camp and community settings. Guided by supportive counselors, trained and experienced in serving children and teens with High Functioning Autism, AMICA campers learn to make friends and interact with each other and mainstream peers while enjoying all that an exceptional day camp has to offer. After the camp season, AMICA kids can practice socializing with their camp friends year-round in a variety of field trips, social skills groups, and fun community activities.

Fabulous Camp Activities

-GaGa -Field Games
-Zip-lining -Yoga
-Rock Climbing -Music
-Instructional & Free Swim -Arts & Crafts
-Boating & Fishing -Nature & Science

Unique Social Skills Based Programming

  • Daily skill-building activities carefully designed to teach interpersonal communication and the fundamentals of friendship, customized to meet individual camper needs and to further growth and emotional development while providing opportunities for creative and socially appropriate personal expression. Campers are given the tools and time to make and nurture friendships with peers and counselors.
  • Field trips to community destinations to practice social skills and special programming to develop proficiencies in individuals who struggle socially.
  • Small camper groups within a two-year age range to facilitate friendships and engagement in appropriate camp activities.
  • High counselor to camper ratio in all groups.
  • Experienced, trained counselors who model successful socializing behaviors.
  • AMICA TEENS also learn and practice high school-focused social skills and independence in trips and activities such as bowling, dances, movies, shopping, and restaurant excursions.

Amica is the Latin word for FRIEND

Camp is a place for making friends, learning new skills, trying new activities, and connecting with nature. Research by the American Camp Association and youth development organizations shows that summer camps help children learn valuable life skills including:

-Communication -Conflict resolution
-Cooperation -Independence
-Leadership -Problem-solving
-Responsibility -Teamwork